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Digitalization has led to a considerable downfall in global spendings on print ads and magazines. Some may think that print advertizement has now become a void to innovation. To augment your awareness, there is still a huge population that is fond of tangible aspects of print ads and media. This is because print offers lower distraction rates and s break from the chaos of multiple browser tabs. Although print does not promise immediate results it is your brands only solution to longevity and greater shareability.
Print gives you a wider time span to capture a reader’s attention. This is where you can take full advantage of print ads and magazines. If you provide your readers with good information, it could help you improve your brand credibility.
Ufound is your solution to print advertisement. With our knowledge of print ads and magazines, we cultivate campaigns that lead your clients to your website and help you target the right publication and demography. U found helps you present yourself as a trustable brand and form a reputation within your niche. With Ufound, you can integrate Print ads as an active facet of your digital marketing strategy and see an increase in your response rates.


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Target a Dedicated Market

Local magazines serve as an important hub where locals learn about their surroundings and events they might like to get involved in. Supporters are always the most dedicated consumers and the best to market too.

Unique Ads

This is great news because it means your local magazine ad has far less competition and will stand out from the crowd.

Brand Recognition

When you advertise in a reputable local magazine, people instantly become familiar with your company. It is brand recognition.

Our key elements magazine design services include


A crucial consideration in magazine articles layout design, the headline should be bigger than the rest of the text and should be powerful, meaningful, and impactful enough to encourage readers to read further.


We provide magazine layout design services that are suitable for content-based concept. We make sure to use appropriate texts that would not only match the graphics, but also the overall theme of the content.


We provide custom fonts or use fonts as per your front page and inner page layout design while making sure to match the style and size so that too much of deviations from the rest of the page layout can be avoided.

Sub Headline

Sub-headlines promote a better reading experience by dividing the text into sections. The size of the font in sub-headlines may be the same as the size of the font of the body-text and can be highlighted in bold.


We can artistically set up the page layout either symmetrically or asymmetrically so that it syncs with the overall appearance of the magazine. We have a strong sense of aesthetics as well as current design trends.

Photo Enhancement

We can enhance your existing photos to add visual appeal to the pages. Our photo retouch services are designed to cater to our clients' specific needs. We use advanced photo editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom etc.


We provide apt custom illustrations that match the color and content of the magazine's inner and front page design. Our illustrators are immensely talented and can create elaborate artwork that is relevent to the theme of the content.

White Space

We thoroughly review the white space allocation and create appropriate white spaces while filling the available space with relevent and aesthetically appealing graphical or textual content, wherever required.


Folio refers to the way how sheets of paper are organized and it should be designed in such a manner that readers do not feel unpleasant while looking into it at each page and this holds true if there are full-bleed images in a magazine



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